Our Growth Engines help you organically grow your following & engagement through marketing techniques with hashtag & user targeting which will drive real, targeted followers to your social media account with growth over a time period, who actually have interest in your page! Let us grow your social media accounts 24/7. Grow your following the proper way!

Get Started

Go to the Products page located here, 1, 2, 3. Easy! Select your platform and you’ll receive a survey after payment. Once you complete our growth survey, you will be contacted by your very own Growth Manager. They will ensue your account is setup properly and our targeting is right on track!

We offer full support

32 Social has full support 24/7. Get in contact with us at anytime if you have any questions or concerns about your account. You can reach us by email here.

How does targeting work?

We have various ways of targeting new followers. Choose to target by hashtag, username, or even location!


Target the followers or the followings of specific usernames! Simply contact us with the usernames you wish to target and we can ensure your growth is relevant and beneficial! One of our most popular targeting methods!


Looking for local business or just to get followers in your area? With this method, we target areas from country to cities and towns. Perfect for local businesses!


For this type of targeting we use popular hashtags that are also specific! We target users based on tags. If you’re in the cooking niche, we’d target tags like: #food #nom #foodie, and #eatingfortheinsta!

If you have anymore questions, you can visit our FAQ here