How do POWER Likes work?

POWER Likes is currently exclusive to Instagram. We provide likes to every post you make for the month you’re signed up. For example, if you sign up for 200 POWER Likes, every post you make after purchase (for the next 30 days) will receive 200 likes within minutes. This provides a huge boost to engagement and helps your photo to be seen by more users, thus more likes, comments, followers, etc. Add this with our Instagram Growth Engine and you’ll be doing your Instagram a huge plus!

How do POWER Likes help engagement?

Instagram’s algorithm. When you post a photo to Instagram, they’ll show your photo to a couple of your followers. The more likes this gets in the few minutes of posting determines how many users Instagram decides to show your photo to. So if you get a large percentage of likes within the first 10 minutes Instagram will deem your photo high quality and show it to more of your followers. This helps improve engagement drastically as now more of your followers will see your photo. Now combine this with proper hashtag use, you’ll appear higher on the hashtags, allowing more users (who aren’t following you) to see and react to the photo.

How should I use hashtags properly?

Hashtags are such a useful tool and so many people misuse them. Each #hashtag has a number of monthly searches. This determines if your photo will appear on the ‘popular’ photo for that hashtag. So if you only use popular hashtags with 1 million+ monthly searches your photo will be lost with all the clutter. You’ll want to find low monthly search hashtags (25-200k monthly searches) as well as medium-to-high monthly search hashtags. The low monthly search hashtags won’t be stumped in clutter and will reach popular more easily, boosting your photo to reach popular for the higher monthly searched hashtags.

For example, we recommend using around ~20 hashtags. Look for around 12 low monthly searched hashtags with around 25,000 ~ 200,000 monthly searches. Then look for around 8 medium-to-high monthly searched hashtags with around 250,000 to 2,000,000 monthly searches.

Be sure to keep using these hashtags. A lot of users use good hashtags for one photo, then switch hashtags for a different photo. You should not be doing this as you’ll see different user engagements all the time. Instead, do hashtag research that resembles the niche of your Instagram account and stick with those hashtags for every photo.


How does targeting work? How can I get better results?

One of the best ways to target on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest and it’s rather creative and innovative, it’s not 100% accurate because we’re doing it organically. These are 100% real followers. You can target by audience look alike strategy, which is finding a high volume account (5-10k followers or more) that has the same type of followers you want. If you need local followers, try a popular restaurant, entertainment or government account that would have local followers. If you’re focused on a particular business or interest, find accounts that propel that interest and would have followers likely to also be interested in you.

Can I keep posting? Can I still follow and unfollow accounts?

Yes! You can resume doing your normal activity. We will be working in the background, but your account will still be 100% in your posession.

Is this safe?

Yes, our service is completely safe. You will not be penalized by using our service.

Why do I have to verify my account?

This happens from multiple computer logins. Your social media platform is just confirming with you to secure your account. Don’t worry, your account is 100% safe.

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